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Supporting you in making connections between your spiritual, mental, physical, social, emotional, creative, and intellectual needs in order to create change necessary for healing and growth.

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Meet Dee

Deanna Clarke

Hello! My name is Deanna, and you may call me Dee. I am fueled by a passion to ignite transformation in people’s lives, driven by an authentic and non-judgmental curiosity. From this deep wellspring, I hold a sacred space for my clients to embark on a journey of self-discovery and reclaim their true essence.

As a Registered Therapeutic Counselor, Certified Addiction Counselor, and Certified Child and Youth Counselor, I have devoted 12 transformative years to supporting individuals in their recovery from addiction and helping young souls affected by challenging childhood experiences. From a trauma informed perspective, my therapeutic approach embodies holism, guiding you on a profound journey of self-exploration and acknowledging your unique needs…

Deanna is registered and certified with the Canadian Addiction Counselling Certification Federation – CACCF #50165, Child and Youth Care Association of Alberta CCYC #00519, The Association of Counselling Therapy of Alberta – AC #2429, and The Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada – ACCT #3093 and holds a designation of Registered Therapeutic Counsellor.

Please check with your extended medical or insurance provider before your first session to see if they cover counselling services from a Clinical Counsellor or Psychotherapist. If you have coverage, you will be required to first pay Dee’s Therapeutic Counseling for the session in full and then submit your receipt to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Services Offered

Nurturing and Caring

My holistic approach to therapy is centered around discovering who you are and what you need.
I will support you in making connections between your spiritual, mental, physical, social, emotional, creative, and intellectual needs in order to create change necessary for healing and growth.

Individual Counseling

  • Personalized Attention: tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of your life.
  • Targeted Intervention: addressing specific issues unique to you, whether managing stress, overcoming trauma, improving relationships or simply wanting to feel better.
  • Emotional Support: a safe space to express your feelings, thoughts, and concerns without reservation to support you in navigating difficult emotions and experiences.
  • Skill Building: coping mechanisms, problem-solving skills, strategies for managing emotions.
  • Communication: by learning effective communication and boundaries, stress management, and conflict resolution, you can enhance your ability to navigate life's complexities.
  • Learn Self-Awareness and Insight into your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours to better help you understand yourself and lead you to personal growth and positive change.
  • Individual counseling offers a range of benefits, including personalized attention, confidentiality, emotional support, skill-building, self-awareness, behavioural change, empowerment, long-term benefits, and a holistic approach to well-being. These benefits can significantly enhance your quality of life and contribute to your overall mental health and happiness.
  • Serving children, youth, and adults of all ages - including children in care.

Couples Counseling

  • Do you struggle with your communication and conflict resolution?
  • Are you afraid to create boundaries and share your feelings for fear of 'rocking the boat'?
  • Have you experienced a loss of trust and need to rebuild trust in your relationship and don't know how?
  • Are you struggling with intimacy and want to feel more connection with your partner?
  • Do you need to identify unhealthy patterns in your relationship and learn healthier ways of relating to each other?
  • Do you struggle with understanding your partner and want to experience greater empathy and connection?
  • Would you like to experience deeper commitment and resilience as a couple and learn tools and skills to prevent future problems?
  • Overall, couples counseling offers numerous benefits, including improved communication, conflict resolution, trust-building, enhanced intimacy, identifying unhealthy patterns, increased empathy, strengthening commitment, preventing future problems, support during transitions, and professional guidance. By investing in your relationship through counseling, you can overcome challenges, deepen your connection, and build a strong and resilient partnership.

Group Counseling

Groups can provide a safe space and learn from others who have similar struggles.

  • Group counseling offers a unique and valuable therapeutic experience that complements individual therapy and can lead to significant personal growth and healing in a communal setting.
  • It can offer numerous benefits to foster personal growth and connection.
  • Some of these benefits include: Shared experiences, support and empathy, different perspectives, social skills development, normalization of emotions and, accountability and motivation, cost-effective therapy, experiential learning, long-term support networks.
  • Please send me an email to inquire about upcoming group workshops and be put on the waiting list.
  • Sharing and Healing Circle - Focus will vary from week to week.
  • Shame Resilience Workshop - Based on Brene Brown's 12 week Connections Curriculum
  • Addiction Relapse Prevention - Based on Gorski's Staying Sober Modules
  • Integration Processing Group - A gathering group to support individuals in their healing journey on the path toward wholeness.

Ready to experience Restoration and Harmony in Your Mind, Body, and Spirit?

Whether you find yourself grappling with life transitions, trauma, addiction, depression, or grief, or simply yearning to cultivate a life of profound meaning and fulfillment, I stand ready with compassion, profound empathy, and a down-to-earth approach. Drawing upon my wealth of experience, I will accompany you on the path towards your heart’s desires and goals.

"Deanna is down to earth, warm, and engaging. I have seen and felt her depth and strength which enables me to feel bold in her presence."

Geneva Colleague

"Dee is a very attentive, compassionate counselor who blends her education and life experience into her sessions. She is genuine, non-judgmental, and curious which creates a safe space for her clients to open up and share."

Lori Colleague
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Personal Development

Upcoming Workshops

The Process to a Better Life

Holistic Approach

I counsel from a combination of perspectives that include Person-Centered and Transpersonal orientations. From a Trauma Informed approach, I use these perspectives interchangeably as our counseling relationship evolves.

1. Make Appointment

Book an appointment online, or call directly to book your 20-minute free consultation.

2. Consultation

The next stage involves a thorough 20-minute consultation with me. We will then book an Initial Assessment for us to get to know each other and for me to learn, in depth, about what brings you to therapy, and what you hope to gain from attending.

3. Therapeutic Counseling

Drawing upon my wealth of experience, I will accompany you on the path towards your heart's desires and goals.

4. Maintenance

My therapeutic approach embodies holism, guiding you on a profound journey of self-exploration and acknowledging your unique needs and support you in reaching your goals.